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A national parenting magazine published by Disney Corporation.


H2U Magazine
An award-winning consumer magazine published by a H2U, national health and wellness company.

H2U Newsletter

An award-winning print and digital newsletter published by H2U, a national health and wellness company.


American Spirit
An award-winning magazine for the Daughters of the American Revolution

AT&T Wireless Services e-newsletter

An online weekly newsletter published for AT&T Recognitions' customers.



The award-winning in-flight magazine of United Airlines.



An award-winning airline trade magazine published by United Services, a division of United Airlines.



An award-winning national magazine for small business owners.



An award-winning international magazine published by Carlson Hotels Worldwide.


The World & I

A national, monthly magazine published by News World Communications, Inc.



An award-winning regional hospital's magazine.



A national magazine published by the American Cancer Society.

A quarterly magazine for Tennessee business owners and executives.


Resources, Distinctions, & Consumer Update

Quarterly lifestyle newsletters published by FISI-Madison Financial for bank customers.



A quarterly newsletter published by FISI-Madison Financial to provide strategic marketing insights to senior banking executives.


FISI-Madison's E-news

A nationally syndicated online newsletter distributed by financial institutions.


Banking Strategies

A leading trade journal for banking executives (ghost wrote feature).

United Entertainment Preview

An award-winning, in-flight magazine of United Airlines.

Active Times

A regional monthly newspaper for people over 50.


A quarterly newsletter from FISI-Madison Financial for bank customer service staff.

American Banker

The leading banking industry daily (ghost wrote articles for senior executives).

America's Community Banker

A banking industry monthly (ghost wrote articles for senior executives).


Financial Advertising Review

A national monthly publication on bank advertising.


A quarterly magazine published by Syngenta Crop Protection.

"When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing."
~Enrique Jardiel Poncela

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